Opfer: 027 946 85 32
TäterIn: 079 308 84 05
Opfer: 027 946 85 32
TäterIn: 079 308 84 05


Blows, slaps, cruelty, insults, humiliation, threats, bans, sexual coercion…

Violence within a relationship takes many different forms, but one of the partners always takes control of the other, in all cases, creating a permanent feeling of fear and tension.

It can affect anyone, regardless of their age, social or cultural background or religion ; whether they are married or not, hetero or homosexual, minor or adult, man or woman.

Violence sets in, repeats and worsens over time, despite moments of respite. Both partners get caught in a cycle, out of which it is very hard to escape from on your own.

Victims or perpetrators of violence, talk to professionals about your situation. It’s the first step to making things change.


Violence within a couple or family is forbidden. If you are experiencing violence in your relationship, these organisations can help you. Feel free to contact them.


Victim support – confidential and free of charge :

LAVI Consultation Centres
French-speaking Valais 027 607 31 00
German-speaking Valais 027 946 85 32


Support for the perpetrators of violence – confidential, 1st voluntary meeting free of charge:

Consultation and socio-therapeutic support
French-speaking Valais 027 322 99 86
German-speaking Valais 079 308 84 05

Protection : Police 117

Child Protection Office (OPE):
French-speaking Valais 027 606 48 40
German-speaking Valais Brig 027 606 99 50
Visp 027 606 99 10


Medical care: Emergency – 144

Interpreting :
AVIC, French-speaking Valais, 079 794 69 21
FMO, German-speaking Valais, 079 852 05 11


Wir beschlossen, zusammen zu leben und der Alptraum begann. Er zwang mich, die Beziehungen zu meinen Freunden und Freundinnen abzubrechen, danach zu meiner Familie, und nach und nach fand ich mich ganz alleine wieder. www.violencequefaire.ch
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